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I have a passion for visiting castles which was kindled by childhood trips to some of the impressive fortresses in South Wales. Since then I have visited hundreds of castles across the country. I decided to create the CastleXplorer website to share information about the castles that I have visited in the hope that it might help other people enjoy the rich heritage our country has to offer. The site is non-commercial, and only features castles that I have personally visited, as such it is far from a complete listing of all the castles in the country. I have limited the site to covering the castles in England, Scotland and Wales as they are the regions I can most easily reach and explore. I have received requests to cover the castles of Ireland and Northern Ireland but there are too many castles there for me to adequately represent in the limited time I would have for visits.


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Please don't contact me about missing castles. This site only features castles that I have personally visited. I have been visiting castles for many years and the number featured on this site is steadily growing. If a castle is missing from the site it is either because I have not visited it yet or I have not yet had a chance to add it to the site.

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